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Policies and Regulations


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Policies and Regulations


1.The library adopts an open-shelf mode, readers need to validate library card,  write down signature, and then enter the reading room or stack room with a card of book replacement.

2. The books in the reading room can but be read in the reading room, if without staff permission, should not secretly be brought out of the room.

3. For open-shelf books in the reading room, every reader can fetch no more than two at a time, after reading, books should be laid back in accordance with the regulations.

4. Forbid any students to enter the reading room with such things as schoolbags, folders of teaching materials, information bags, personal stereo and so on, cellphones should be power off to keep reading room quiet.

5. Forbid occupying seats.


1. Please maintain the order of the book on the shelves after entering the stack room. Put a card of replacing books at the position of the book when choosing books . If not borrowing the book, the book should be put back in its original place or on the go-cart for rearrangement, but can not be left about arbitrarily.

2. After selecting books, please transact the procedure of borrowing book to the borrowing book’s counter, and the readers should inspect the books on his own to see if there are defects or stains on the books, if any, please contact with the staff, and stamp the "defective" seal. The books lent out need implementing degaussing procedure.

3. Ordinary teachers, graduate students can borrow 10 books at best, teacher with the Deputy High above Title can borrow 15, through a period of 60 days; other readers’ borrowing authority is 3 -5 books, through a period of 30 days; New books and foreign books can be borrowed for 15 days. Please return as scheduled, if exceeding the time limit, fines should be paid according to the regulations.

4. In case that the books will have expired but the reader needs to continue reading, if there is no other bookings made, the reader can renew through the Internet, but new books and foreign books can not be renewed.

5. Please take good care of books, don't smear or destroy the books.

6. The staff in the library should also comply with the above regulations.

The fine-paying regulation of Nankai University library

1. The library implements the fine-paying regulations. When the book lent out exceeds the time limit and is not returned, the reader will be amerced according to the regulations, each book per day fines for 0.10 Yuan, the book which can be kept for 15 days fines for 0.20 Yuan per day. The reader who makes bold to bring the book in the reading room, especially the book in the special store room, out of the library, will be handled depending on the severity of the situation.

2.If the book falls in during the winter vacation or summer vacation, the reader can return it during the first week after the new term begins, and will not be amerced; if the reader doesn’t return beyond one week, cumulative fines should be paid together with the fines caused by holidays. Books by statutory holidays will be extended the period.

3.If readers go on errands or go for internship for a long time and can not return the books on time, they should bring forth certifications by the Department’s Office before they leave (with the back-to-school date), accompanied by a list of personnel, then they may not be fined. As for all who provide after-proof certifications, the books will be handled as expired.

4.If the teachers or students delay the return of the books due to illness, they can get rid of fines depending on the testification by the hospital.

5.The people who will go abroad must return the books, if someone secretly bring the books out without permission, he will pay all overdue fines according to the regulations.

6.If the lost book exceeds the time limit, overdue fines will be paid according to the situations.

Compensation regulations in Nankai University Library

1.Documents referred to by this regulation include various public and non-publishing multi-language books, periodicals, newspapers, maps and pictures, tape, CD (floppy disk), Microfiche and so on.

2.The literature of the library belongs to State property, the loss of the literature means the loss of State property, as well as the loss of the interests of readers, cherishing literature is the obligation of every reader, protecting the cleanliness and integrity of the literature is also one of readers’ obligations.

3.Readers must cherish the literature, no circle-making, annotating, defiling, cutting or losing.

4.For defaced, lost documents, in principle, readers should compensate the literature of the same version. For non-precious version of the document, readers may compensate a new version of the document instead of the old one. Readers need to hand in document handling charges, too.

5.If readers can not buy the same document, he can compensate according to the following means:

Type of the books

Published before 1985

Published after 1985

Ordinary books

By original books price 7-10 times of compensation

By original books price 4-5 times of compensation

Rare books
  Precious books

Must be approved by the curator to compensate according to the value of the book itself

Foreign language first edition books

By original books price 10 times of compensations

Foreign photocopying books

By original books price 10 times of compensations

By original books price 5 times of compensations

1. Since losing or damaging one or several books of the series of books will impact the use of the whole series, readers should compensate according to the price of the whole series; If most of the series of books are damaged, readers should compensate according to the entire series original cost referring to foreign language version books and periodicals.  

2.When paperback books and periodicals are compensated for hardbound books and periodicals, making-up prices will be paid for the price difference; but not vice versa.

3. When original price or market price of lost or damaged books lose or can not be looked up, prices will be estimated according to similar books by the library purchase department.

4. For indemnity of books, 2.00Yuan is paid in addition as literature handling fees.

5. If the damaged books are compensated with the same version of books, the damaged books will be logout and draw back to oneself; If in the way of the indemnity, the damaged books will not draw back to oneself.

6. For the lost of books' appendix, attaches of the book and the attached figures, readers should compensate the original books, otherwise after the compensation of the original book, the book should be drawn back.

6.If the books by collective borrowing are lost, the primary borrower should compensate.

7. For losing or damaging interlibrary books, readers should compensate the loss according to the principle of sovereign units.

8.After making compensation for lost books, if the original book is found within a month, the may return the book to the library, and get the refundment by right of the receipt (If the receipts have been handed to the finance office, refundment will not be accomplished). No refunding for book processing fees since they have been paid.

9.The compensation is calculated from the date of overdue fines. If the date has been exceeded during which the books should be returned, still the reader doesn’t return or renew or transact the procedure for the compensation, then the book will be handled by the overdue. Namely, he will compensate the original book, and at the same time, he should pay overdue fines.

10. The person who takes the books out of the storeroom, reading room, or steals the books, once founded, will be reported to the related department of the university, and will be delivered with administrative handling, and pay several times higher than the regulated fines.

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