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If you have got any problems regarding the service and the information utilizing, please do not hesitate to contact the librarian liaison.


Faculty Liaison

Liaison Librairans
Department of Philosophy
Li Guoshan Tel:23501598
Zhai Chunhong Tel:23508417 Email:zhaichh@nankai.edu.cn
The School of Literature Li Ruishang Tel: 23501682
E-mail: lirs@nankai.edu.cn
Wang Shugui
Tel: 23508417
E-mail: wangsg@nankai.edu.cn
College of Chinese Language and Culture Shi Xiangdong Tel:23501687
E-mail: shixdong@public.tpt.tj.cn
College of History Hou Yongmei Tel: 23508087
E-mail: houyongmei@nankai.edu.cn
The College of Ideological and Cultural Education Ji Yaguang Tel: 23507985

Zhang Di
Tel: 23505633
Email: dizhang@nankai.edu.cn

Zhou Enlai School of Government Wang Xinjian Tel:23503373
E-mail: wangxj@nankai.edy.cn
The School of Law Fu Shicheng Tel:23505690
E-mail: fufu8971@sina.com
College of foreign languages Li Yi Tel: 23504532
E-mail: yli@nankai.edu.cn
The School of Ecnonomics Zhou Lequn
Fang Zhenyi

Zhang Boshan Tel: 23508951 Email:zhangbs@nankai.edu.cn
Liang Shuling Tel: 23509442 Email:liangsl@nankai.edu.cn

Business School Xue Youchi
Email: xue1965@nankai.edu.cn
Zhang Zhigang Email:time@mail.nankai.edu.cn

Deng Kewu

College of Chemistry Yuan Zhi Tel: 23501164
E-mail: zhiy@public.tpt.tj.cn

Mi Ruihua
Tel: 23508417
Email: miruihua@nankai.edu.cn

College of Life Sciences Liu Fang Tel: 23508317
E-mail: liufang312@eyou.com
The College of Environmental Science & Engineering at Nankai University
Zhu Lin Tel: 23504920
E-mail: zhulin@public.tpt.tj.cn
School of Mathematical sciences Sheng Wei Tel:23508372

He Cuihua
Email: cuihua@nankai.edu.cn

Chen Institute of Mathematics Fu Lei Tel:23503896
College of Physices

Ji Naxin Tel:23501490
Man Rong Tel:23508559
The College of Information Science and Technology


Hu Jun Tel:23508380
E-mail: nkjun@nankai.edu.cn
Nankai GEDE
Wang Shufang Tel: 23508921
E-mail: sf_wang1117@sina.com

Wang Juanping
Tel: 23509050
E-mail: wangjp@nankai.edu.cn

Tianjin Nankai University Guard Anti-Counterfeit Tech. Co., Ltd.
Zhang Zenian Tel: 23503423
E-mail zzni@public.tpt.tj.cn
GEDE FANGWEI Dong Yiwang Tel: 23503553
E-mail mng@safe-guard.com.cn
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